RV Life – Checklists

It gives me peace of mind to see the pilot and co-pilot review their checklists before we take off in an airplane. You know that they are not going to forget to do something, like fuel the plane or make sure all the doors are locked. Having checklists for your trailer is akin to this. You aren’t going to forget to fill your water tank or make sure everything is stowed before you depart.

Over the years I have developed checklists. I have one for beginning of the season, end of the season, departure from home, arrival at a campsite, departure from a campsite, and arrival at home. Each one has it’s unique items that need to be performed

Beginning and End of the Season

These two checklists are less extensive than the trip related ones, but they serve as a beginning and end to the trip related checklists.

Beginning of Season — also known as Trailer De-Winterization

  • Mostly concerned with getting the water system back in operation for the season
  • Returns the batteries to the trailer from storage
  • Restocks the trailer from the inside storage and replacement items purchased
  • Cleaning

End of Season — Trailer Winterization

  • Draining and winterizing the water system
  • Removing the batteries to inside storage
  • Removing items that should not freeze or could become nests for pests entering the trailer
  • Cleaning

Trip Preparation and Completion

Getting the trailer ready for a trip or cleaning up after arrival at home are full of tasks that could be easily overlooked.


  • Assuring that everything is operational before being away from home
  • Fill fresh water tank and provision trailer
  • Stow clothing and other items that are removed after each trip.


  • Situating trailer for storage
  • Removing all items that should not remain in the trailer between trips
  • General cleanup

Campsite arrival and departure

The setup and take down of the campsite can make a big difference in enjoying the stay. Missing something upon departure can sometimes be felt at the next campsite. For example, forgetting an item at one site means that it is not available at the next site.

Campsite Arrival

  • Leveling, unhitching, and stabilizing the trailer
  • Setting up tables, chairs and other amenities
  • Hooking up to available utilities, if any

Campsite Departure

  • Disconnecting utilities
  • Putting away amenities, tables, chairs, and everything else that was dragged out
  • Hitching up to drive away

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