Mod – Porcelain Toilet

One reason we tow a trailer is to have our own bathroom. Our previous trailer had a nice porcelain toilet. The current trailer came with a plastic toilet. The differences are easy to see. The size and ease of cleaning are the big two. To make the plastic strong enough to hold weight, a number of ridges are molded into the sides. These are difficult to keep clean.

At the end of last season we had the dealer swap out the toilet. The new toilet uses the same size seat as our home toilet. Yes, there is more weight to a porcelain toilet, but the other items more than balance the weight in our minds. Plus, we have a mid-bath so the weight is over the axles not on the tongue or hanging off the back end.

The installation did not go completely as planned. The new toilet has a sprayer for cleaning the inside of the bowl. That sprayer is stored in a bracket on the wall behind the toilet. Travel trailers do not have the 4-inch thick walls of your home. So, we found a couple of screws poking out on the outside of the bathroom. The fix was easy. Replace the screws with shorter screws and install a strip of wallpaper tape to cover the holes. If you did not just read this description, you would never notice the tape.

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