Mods and Tips

Things to improve the camping experience


Changes made to the trailer to enhance livability or function.

Mod – Porcelain Toilet

One reason we tow a trailer is to have our own bathroom. Our previous trailer had a nice porcelain toilet. The current trailer came with a plastic toilet. The differences are easy to see. The size and ease of cleaning are the big two. To make the plastic strong enough to hold weight, a number … Continue reading Mod – Porcelain Toilet

Showerhead with flow shut-off switch on handle

Mod – Shower head with shutoff

Often you are camping without connection to an unlimited water supply. That translates into short showers. Being able to shutoff or restrict the water flow can dramatically reduce the amount of water used while keeping the shower comfortable. The original shower head installed in the trailer had no way to quickly stop the water. Changing … Continue reading Mod – Shower head with shutoff

Close-up of electric connector

Mod – Detachable Power

Replacing a mouse hole power cord with a detachable cord Our Jayco came with the power cord attached inside the trailer and fed out through a hole in the wall. The hole has a cover on it, but they are often called mouse holes for a good reason. One of the first mods done to … Continue reading Mod – Detachable Power


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Ways to make camping easier or more convenient.

Tip – Cupboard Door Ties

One thing you don’t want to see when you arrive at your campsite is the contents of your cupboards on the floor of your trailer. The trailer manufacturers try to use catches on the doors that will hold most of the time. We want a method that holds ALL of the time. There are a … Continue reading Tip – Cupboard Door Ties


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