Tip – Cupboard Door Ties

One thing you don’t want to see when you arrive at your campsite is the contents of your cupboards on the floor of your trailer. The trailer manufacturers try to use catches on the doors that will hold most of the time. We want a method that holds ALL of the time. There are a lot of ideas and products available. Our trailer has handles on the doors that allow looping a cord through them. Others might have knobs or solid pulls. We want something that is used while we are traveling, but does not get in the way while we are at the campsite.

Our main concerns are the cupboards containing the dishes and the coffee making supplies. They are both kept in cupboards with paired doors. We have two methods of securing these. One is a loop of elastic cord with a ball attached. Put the cord through both handles and around the ball.

Bungie with ball closure

The other method holds even more securely. It is a big twist tie #ad like you find on a bread bag, but much larger. Put it through the two handles and twist the ends together. There is no give like you find with the elastic.

Twist tie closure

If your handles don’t allow a cord to be looped through them, there may be other methods available. One thing to search for is child-proofing safety items. There are many products that protect a child from opening cupboards and doors. These have the potential to be used to keep the contents of your cupboards in place.

When we arrive at the campsite, we remove these bindings and store them in a small tin. Putting them back on is an item on our campsite departure checklist. You could also just attach them to one of the pulls instead of storing them away. We prefer having them out of sight when we are using the trailer.

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