Tip – LevelMate

Having a level trailer regardless of the terrain it is sitting on is important for many reasons. The refrigerator needs to be level to run, awnings and slide outs require leveling to operate smoothly, and your body will feel it when you lie down and try to sleep.

Locating the LevelMate just inside the door
Locating the LevelMate just inside the door

There are many ways to determine if the trailer is level. Some say they can just eyeball it. Attaching levels to the exterior is a popular method. Setting a level on the floor or counter can work. Then there is the electronic gadget method – LevelMate Pro. This device mounts on the wall in the trailer and talks to your smartphone to let you know when you are level.

The beauty of this is that you can turn it on and back into your site while it tells you where you are level left and right. If you can’t find a level spot, it will tell you how high or low you are on each side.

The LevelMate Pro app on the iPhone

Once you are level side to side, you can unhook and level front and back. But, before you finish unhooking it has another trick. You can have it remember the tongue height so when you go to hook up again you can return to the proper height to clear your hitch ball.

After leveling, remember to turn off the box on the wall. The one complaint you will see in the reviews is the battery life. It was for this reason that ours is located just inside the door where it can be reached from outside without deploying the steps.

It was easy to install. The hard part is to make sure you have leveled the trailer before you install this device. Then simply mount it on the wall with two screws. It walks you through the rest of the process in the app.

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