RV Life – Roadside Scavenger Hunt

When driving between campsites you sometimes can need a break from the tedium. Many people have different games that they play on the road. Our current favorite is a scavenger hunt originally given to us by my sister-in-law. Over the years the list has changed, but the current iteration available here as a PDF.

We use the Notes app on an iPhone to play. It allows the checked off items to drop to the bottom and make it easier to find those last items. At least to find them on the list.

Initially we did this on paper and pencil. We would keep the list in the glove compartment to be handy when we are on the road. Yes, the passenger is in charge of checking off items. DO NOT have the driver checking the list.

We require that both of us be in the vehicle and the item must be outside the vehicle to allow it to be checked. You can set your own rules. You might also need to modify the list to accommodate local items. We don’t have Waffle House in Minnesota, so it is not on the list. Likewise, you might not ever see snowplows in the warmer parts of the country.

Some of the items might need a little explanation.

  • You need to find the actual word or words shown on the list in italics. For example, a sign or shirt that says Harley Davidson. It is rare that you can read the words on the gas tank at highway speed as they are passing you.
  • A Tree Hunter is from a list created around Christmas time when you see cars driving home with a tree tied to the roof. We have expanded it to include anyone with a tree in a trailer or back end of a truck. A landscaper falls into this. A tree cutting service is a Tree Hunter that has field dressed the tree.
  • Tornado Bait is a mobile home. The name comes from the idea that mobile home parks seem to be frequently one of the hardest hit areas when a tornado touches down.
  • We count 3 or more of the same vehicle to be a convoy. You might see 3 FedEx trucks close together on the freeway, that would be a convoy for our purposes.
  • The Ice for sale cooler is that box outside of a convenience store or gas station the contains the bags and blocks of ice they are selling.
  • Remember that most high schools have a racetrack around the football field.

A few of the items that have been removed from the list

  • Boat being towed by a fifth wheel
  • UHaul towing a car
  • Vehicle on a stick (typically used as advertising by hoisting a vehicle onto a tall pole)
  • Family stickers on back window
  • Super 8 Motel

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