Rice Creek Chain of Lakes – July 2020

Camping close to home has perks

Rice Creek campground is so close to home that it is possible to camp during the week and still go to work (as described in the June 2020 post). It is also easy to have a grandchild join in the the camping experience for an overnight.

We got the same site as in the previous visit here. It’s a nice pull-thru that makes it very easy for a solo setup while your partner is at work.

This trip was the first time we tried the outside TV. Before this trailer we never had a TV along on a camping trip. Since the trailer has 3 different locations to hang a TV, we have one TV that we move around. One spot happens to be outside. Go Twins!

The last time I was at the dump station in this park, I met a couple with a brand new trailer. I had given them a few pointers. When I pulled up to the dump station this time, the same couple were right in front of me. They seemed to be much more comfortable with the whole process than they were the last time. Like us, they like the convenience of Rice Creek Chain of Lakes park.

Before we went on this trip there were a couple of minor items that we brought to the dealer’s attention to have taken care of under warranty.

So, we are back home and the trailer now has 825.4 miles on it. 29.4 of that were going to and from the dealer for warranty work.

Trailer mileage

DateStart LocationStart CityEnd LocationEnd CityMiles
Previous miles777.8
7/21/2020HomeWhite Bear Twp., MNHilltop Camper and RVFridley, MN14.7
7/27/2020Hilltop Camper and RVFridley, MNHomeWhite Bear Twp., MN14.7
7/29/2020HomeWhite Bear Twp., MNRice Creek Chain of LakesCenterville, MN9.1
7/31/2020Rice Creek Chain of LakesCenterville, MNHomeWhite Bear Twp., MN9.1
Total miles825.4

For purposes of shopping and making sure that all the ingredients are loaded into the trailer, we make a meal plan. Some things can get swapped during the trip, but the framework is there and more importantly, the items necessary to make a particular meal are available.

Meals Planned

Wednesday, July 29DinnerCampfire Nachos on the fire
Thursday, July 30BreakfastHam & Cheese Croissants in the oven
LunchBrats over the fire pit
DinnerKabobs over the campfire
Potato salad
Sweet corn
Fresh mandarin oranges
Friday, July 31BreakfastPancakes on the griddle
Sausage links

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