Forestville – July 2020

A delayed trip

In 2019 when the old trailer developed the undesired water feature, we had a reservation to go to Forestville Mystery Cave State Park in southeastern Minnesota for August 17-20, 2019. After realizing that the trailer was not going to be available in 2019, the reservation was changed to July 16-19, 2020. Those dates turned out to be after the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown when the state parks were allowed to re-open camping. Although camping was available, the other places of interest within the park were closed. That meant that we would not be going to the 19th century village of Forestville or touring the Mystery Cave. We went to the park, however, we decided to cut out a night because of the decrease in activities. When we checked in, we were able to get a refund for the third night. We had a credit from the Minnesota DNR for the various reservations that had been cancelled due to COVID-19 and spent the last of the credit on firewood.

On the way to Forestville, there is a very nice winery with a restaurant, Four Daughters. We stopped for lunch and a wine tasting there (outdoor and socially distanced). Their sausage and fennel pizza was delicious. We also did some provisioning of the trailer and the wine cellar. Two each: Big Boy Blend, Sangio Red, Nude Etude, Sparkling Pinot Noir.

We had a nice centerpiece on this trip. Flowers for an upcoming bridal shower could not be left at home, so they decorated the picnic table in the campsite for the weekend.

This is were the clothesline tripod originated. The trees were too far apart or too small to set up a clothesline. Sitting and watching the dutch oven on the tripod gave the idea that the top of the tripod would provide a good height. More information is in the blog post Clothesline Tripod

Getting back home via the scenic route added more than 50 miles. That puts the trailer at 777.8 miles.

Trailer mileage

DateStart LocationStart CityEnd LocationEnd CityMiles
Previous miles471.7
7/16/2020HomeWhite Bear Twp., MNForestville Mystery Cave State ParkPreston, MN126.1
7/18/2020Forestville Mystery Cave State ParkPreston, MNHomeWhite Bear Twp., MN180.0
Total miles777.8

This trip included a stop on the way to the campground at the local supermarket near home instead of purchasing the groceries the day before. The bags went right from the store into the trailer. Meals were planned through Sunday even though by the time of checkin at the campground we had decided to come home on Saturday.

Meals Planned

Thursday, July 16LunchFour Daughters Winery
DinnerSteak on the grill
Corn on the cob
Friday, July 17BreakfastPancakes on the griddle
LunchHot Dogs over the fire pit
DinnerJambalaya over the campfire
Saturday, July 18BreakfastBacon and Eggs on the griddle
Toast and Jam
LunchHam & Cheese Croissants
DinnerNachos on the campfire
Sunday, July 19BreakfastEgg scramble on the griddle
Toast & Jam
LunchSandwiches on the road
Any leftovers

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