Willow River State Park – October 2021

One last trip for the season

This park is close to the Minnesota border near Hudson Wisconsin. By taking Highway 96 from White Bear Lake through Stillwater and crossing on the ‘new’ bridge, we were only 40 minutes from leaving home to pulling into site #215. The site is a nice level pull-through.

We left home about 2:30 PM and were disconnecting the trailer from the truck about 3:15 PM. Working together the setup was completed before 4:00 PM. Around 4:30-5:00 PM we walked up to the park office to purchase two bundles of firewood at $7.00 each.

We sat for a while at the site enjoying olives, crackers, and cheese along with a beer. Soon after Lynn started to make the tacos. We ate indoors as it quickly turned dark.

Once again we had trouble with TV stations. No NBC, so no “The Voice”. After a number of attempts, it was possible to stream NBC through the Xfinity Stream app on my phone connected to the TV. We weren’t more than 20 miles from the local NBC affiliate broadcast tower. The Voice was followed by Jeeves and Wooster and turning in early.

Woke the next morning at 7:00 AM. We had a couple of hours of coffee and discussion. We talked about any future camping in 2021 and decided that this was the last trip for the year. So the discussion turned to the process of winterizing the trailer.

We finally had breakfast. I made Eggs in a Frame and smokey thick-cut ham. We need to add a cookie cutter to the trailer supplies next year for cutting the frames.

We went for a ‘short easy’ walk to the 300 campground. It is not a short walk and it includes many ups and downs, Once back at camp we had a lunch of tuna sandwiches with chips and dip. Dessert was dark chocolate.

Fall leaves in the campground

After a lounging around afternoon including a short nap, we took off for the falls. It turns out that the falls are down a steep paved trail covered with leaves. Once we returned, we started a fire and prepared salmon on the grill. Dinner also included little potatoes and green beans.

It was a delightful evening to sit by the fire — no smoke, no breeze, and not too cold. Around 9:00 PM we went inside to watch one more episode of Jeeves and Wooster.

We woke around 6:00 AM due to a message coming in on my phone. We didn’t get up until closer to 6:30 when Lynn took Crosby out for a short walk.

Around 9:00 AM we started to get dressed for the day and a half hour later Lynn started pancakes and sausage for breakfast. We decided to check out the nature trail at the other end of the park, so we drove the 2 miles and found the sign – No Pets!. Since Crosby was with us, we drove back to the campsite and started packing especially since it felt like it was going to rain.

On our drive we found a sign of the times during the COVID pandemic Wisconsin-style.

Pandemic Wisconsin-style

We pulled out of the campsite at 12:09 PM and were on the road after the dump station stop at 12:20 PM. We pulled in at home around 1:00 PM. By 2:00 PM the trailer was emptied of perishables, personal items, and other items like the grill. It was then lunch time and the 2021 camping season was at an end.

Trailer mileage

DateStart LocationStart CityEnd LocationEnd CityMiles
Previous miles2,950.0
10/5/2021HomeWhite Bear Twp., MNWillow RiverHudson, WI25.6
10/7/2021Willow RiverHudson, WIHomeWhite Bear Twp., MN25.6
Total miles3,001.2

Meals Planned

Tuesday, October 5DinnerTacos
Wednesday, October 6BreakfastEggs in a Fram
Smokey Ham
LunchTuna Sandwiches
Chips and Dip
LIttle Potatoes
Green Beans
Thursday, October 7BreakfastPancakes

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