RV Life – Mapping travels

Many times when walking around a campground or even driving down the road you will see an outline map of the United States or North America on the side of a RV. Some of the states and provinces will be filled in with bright colors and others will be the background. These maps are tracking achievements.

The meaning of the map varies with the owners of the RV. Some people only highlight states where they have stayed overnight, others merely travel through the state. Some people start a new map with every RV they own. We have owned 3 trailers. Here are the maps of where we have traveled with each trailer.

The map showing the aggregate of all of the trailers would contain quite a few states. I should mention that if we had purchased the Genesis Supreme at home instead of in Arizona, the only states on that map would be Minnesota and Wisconsin.

States visited with all trailers we have owned

If we were to create a map of our tent camping, it would contain one state – Minnesota.

These maps were created on the website https://visitedstatesmap.com

Often on the camping or RV manufacturer owners forums, members will put these maps in their bio so people see them online.

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