Mod – Bathroom shelving

The bathroom in the trailer lacks a medicine cabinet. It also lacks towel bars. Since we do not like to put holes in the walls of the trailer, we had to have a different solution for both issues. An over the toilet shelf system #ad fits very well in the bathroom. It is held in place by tension rods running from the floor to the ceiling. Yes, there may be a couple of dents in the ceiling if it is ever removed, but we do not plan to do that.

Over the toilet storage added
Over the toilet storage added

When we are in travel mode, the towels and personal item bins #ad ride in the bathtub. We found these bins fit the shelves and hold enough items for both of us. We each have two bins and a shelf. The top shelf holds the bath towels. The shelf system came with 4 shelves but we only installed 3 to provide enough room to use the toilet.

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