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RV Life – What To Pack – Kitchen

People are of two camps regarding what to bring along camping for cooking. There are the minimalists that bring one small metal cup that works as their bowl, fry pan, and drinking cup; a spork; and a pocket knife. Then there are the people that literally bring everything including the kitchen sink. I like to…

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RV Life – Checklists

It gives me peace of mind to see the pilot and co-pilot review their checklists before we take off in an airplane. You know that they are not going to forget to do something, like fuel the plane or make sure all the doors are locked. Having checklists for your trailer is akin to this.…

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RV Life – Roadside Scavenger Hunt

When driving between campsites you sometimes can need a break from the tedium. Many people have different games that they play on the road. Our current favorite is a scavenger hunt originally given to us by my sister-in-law. Over the years the list has changed, but the current iteration available here as a PDF. We…

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