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Decision time for the 5K is coming soon

March 18, 2011

BookIt 5k Walk/Run logoLast year I participated in my first 5K run/walk. I probably should have thought of it as a walk, but I got caught up in the moment when the race started and I tried to run too far and too fast at the beginning. Now it is time to decide if I will run (or walk) again, volunteer to help at the race, or just enjoy the day since we have a wedding to go to that day.

The run was a fundraiser for the Friends of the Ramsey County Public Libraries. It took place starting and ending in the parking lot of what was at that time the about to be re-opened renovated Roseville library.

The library as since re-opened and is busier than ever. They have also been given many awards for their design. The Friends are continuing to give great support to the entire library system.

Here are my results from last year.

  • Goal time: 45 minutes
  • Official time was 45:44.40, a pace of 14:43 per mile
  • Finished 61st out of 112 men & 8th out of the 13 Men 50 – 59

So, should I register to walk in the second annual BookIt 5K? I understand that the route will be similar to the one from last year. I think I better get training for this.

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