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Fitness room transition – painting day, part 2

November 20, 2010

Progress was made today! The three walls got two coats of Sparkling Frost and the accent wall received two coats of Beautiful Blue. I think they turned out very well. Another item checked off was the moulding around the floor. This had never been finished when the hardwood floor was installed. Since the flooring was done and the room looked great, I could not resist and had to install the rubber flooring. This went in very easily and went according to plan, but I think we will pick up another package to fill in underneath the bike and in the corner. The flooring fits perfectly across the room.

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Of course, since the flooring was in, I had to move the futon and the recumbent into the room. A few other pieces of exercise equipment are in the room now. The rest will have to wait until the shelves are reinstalled and the outlets are swapped to white. The outlet swap was delayed to wait until there was sunlight in the room since the power will be off in that room.

While we were at it with moulding, the bathroom moulding went in. There is one shim block left to put in under the countertop and the bathroom project will be officially complete. That is, until spring when we plan to redo the tub surround.

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