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Fitness room transition

November 19, 2010

I have wanted a fitness room for a couple of years. Now with the kids out of the house, the space has become available. I am in the early stages of converting my daughter’s former room into a fitness room. The first step is to remove the rest of her belongings. Luckily, since my son also moved out recently, we have a temporary storage room. That room will eventually become the reading / guest room. For now it is packed to the gills with stuff from both kids. Some of that stuff they might even want!

I spent the afternoon moving stuff from one room to the other and then I took down the light fixture. The fixture was from Ikea and never really lived up to expectations. So, there is now a new fixture in place in the room. The specifications were met – simple and ceiling hugging.

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I have a lot of little things to do to the room. The big one is tomorrow though. We are painting. The futon and shelves above are staying in the room (but not during the painting). The magnet boards are staying, but at least the right one will move further to the right. The pink mini-blinds will have to go, but that is further down the list of to do items. The majority of the work has a deadline. We need to move the stuff from it’s current locations in time to host forty plus for Thanksgiving. That is less than a week away. I hope there are not as many delays as the bathroom remodel.

By the way, the bathroom remodel is just about complete. Just the baseboards remain to go in. I’ll post photos when that milestone is crossed.

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