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Today was a great day for a bike ride

October 19, 2010
Four lakes plus route map

Four Lakes +

Today’s ride was 21.07 miles according to the bike computer. It was a nice brisk day in the low 50’s and very little wind. I had the company of two people that will be on the Bearly Biking team for the MS150 next year, Kristi and Sharron. We were able to keep a nice pace going and averaged about 13.5 miles an hour.

I titled the route Four Lakes Plus since I have and earlier route that is shorter and skips the loop up around the top of Bald Eagle Lake. The four lakes that are passed in the tour are White Bear Lake (near the beginning and at the end), Goose Lake, Birch Lake (today we barely saw it but we did go around two sides), and Bald Eagle Lake. This last one we went almost entirely around the shoreline.

If you want to be technical about it, we went entirely around three of the lakes. They are completely inside the route. I am hopeful that I will be able to get this ride in again at least one more time before the bike comes inside for the winter.

Yes, the bike is turning into an exercise bike this winter. A run over to REI to pick up my trainer stand is on the to do list. It holds the back wheel and puts tension on the wheel to simulate the resistance of the ride. I believe it even comes with some DVDs to watch to allow the rider to pretend they are enjoying a scenic ride outdoors.

Road Machine Stationary Indoor Bicycle Trainer

Kinetic Road Machine

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