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Bath remodel – the setbacks

October 17, 2010

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The project has suffered a couple of setbacks this weekend. The first was when it came time to shut off the water and remove the sink and vanity top in preparation for painting and the replacement of the vanity top. The handle on the hot water shutoff valve came off in my hand. That meant another trip to the hardware store. I bought two valves since I would have to turn off the water to the entire house and the other one had been difficult to turn. The new ones are quarter-turn ball valves and should last longer than the 26 year-old ones we had. As you can see, the sink and vanity top did get removed.

The other setback was discovered when we were ready to patch dings and holes in the walls. There were a couple spots that the edge of the paint seemed a little loose. When you tugged on them, the paint came off in sheets. Evidently, the last time it was painted, the wrong paint went on top of the old paint. It is actually surprising that the paint did not just fall off the walls years ago. It is yet to be determined how we will resolve this problem when we apply the new paint.

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  1. Mark permalink
    October 18, 2010 8:19 am

    That stinks that you’re forced to repaint. But that’s got to be the easiest paint stripping job ever!

    • October 18, 2010 8:48 am

      Unfortunately, there were also spots that bonded better than those in the pictures. It took hours to get everything stripped. I get to put on primer today to avoid a repeat of the problem in the future.

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