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Other house projects

October 11, 2010

Staining the patio door

Getting down near the bottom of the patio doorway

Just in case you thought we were sitting in the sun enjoying umbrella drinks while the tile was drying, I thought I would update on the other projects going on. Last fall we had a new patio door installed. The interior had not been stained due to weather and schedules. Yesterday, Lynn started the process of staining the door. It has to be partially disassembled for this, hence the weather restriction. She got it as far as stain on all of the pieces that do no move. The sliding piece still needs stain. That can be done in place. We will get to remove the door again to poly.
Bird bath mounted on a pole

The bird bath has been moved

The project a couple of weeks ago was the re-staining of the deck. Do you sense a theme? The bird bath had been mounted on the deck railing, but had to be removed to stain the railing. I bought a treated wood 4×4 and a mount that is driven into the ground. The post is now between the gazebo and the bird feeders but still tall enough to watch the birds from the dining room.

I also got the bottom of the garage door painted where it was starting to rust. I even get to return a can of spray paint. When I took the cap off the can, I discovered that it did not have a nozzle. Luckily, I found that I had a can of white spray paint at home already and had not needed to buy the new one. It is not like I am not getting to the home improvement center lately.

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