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Bath remodel – Phase I, step 1

October 7, 2010

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My wife is going to be sorry she does not read this blog. She is at a conference, so it is time to tear apart the house!

A while back she got a great deal on a bunch of commercial grade ceramic floor tile. The bathroom has had peel-and-stick tile since we pulled up the original cheap vinyl flooring. This morning, with the help of my daughter, we took out the toilet and pulled up the peel-and-stick tile. The former took longer than the latter. Add new bolts to the shopping list for the hardware store. The toilet is now sitting in the living room on a tarp. I think I will buy some flowers to make it look more at home there when my wife returns tomorrow.

The next step is to put down the new tile. First, I had to find out what the spacing should be. Since the tile was selected by Lynn and she has seen this tile installed, I asked at the reference desk of the library to find out the proper spacing. That may not make sense until you realize that the tile is in place at the Maplewood branch library. I was at the Roseville branch, so I asked if they remembered the spacing since the staff is often at other buildings in the system. They IM’d with a staff member at Maplewood and I found out I want to use a 1/4 inch spacing.

I still do not know if we are having light or dark colored grout in the bathroom, so that decision and installation will wait until Lynn returns. Like I said, she really needs to start reading this blog.

I lost my terrific helper  – she got called in to work to cover for a sick co-worker – so step 2 may take a little longer than originally planned.

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