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New opener

September 27, 2010

When the garage door opener failed the reverse test miserably, it was time to start looking for a new opener. I found out that it was failing when I tried to stop it by grabbing the bottom of the downward moving door and pulling up with all my force. I was losing and let go. The opener was built and installed before the infrared sensors were required.

Oddly, that did not get me into immediate action. That came a couple of weeks later when the lights on the opener failed. I put in new bulbs and found that the lighting circuit no longer worked. Now we would come home into a dark garage. A quick trip to Lowes and we were set. A box with lots of parts to be assembled!

Sunday was a nice day for projects outside. While my dear was working on stripping the old stain from the deck in preparation of a new stain, I went to work on assembling the myriad of pieces that would become our new door opener. It was very well documented and I worked through the book to install everything. With a couple of breaks to refill the gas, restart the power washer, and do some of the power washing on the deck; I was able to complete the project by evening.

We now have a very quiet, lighted (with motion detection), safe (with a sensor beam) garage door opener. I even have a small keyfob opener that I can carry on my bicycle!

Oh, I only needed one band-aid during the whole process and the deck may take a few days to dry out.

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