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Circle the Square – Session 10 – April 15

April 16, 2008

I got the shirt!
I couldn’t leave it at only two punches left on the card for long. After class tonight it was time for dinner. I started with the Big Sky Seasonal, in this case the Winter Ale was in stock. So it finally gets warm and I get the Winter Ale. I poured it down the middle of the glass and ended up with a large head. The head didn’t take very long to go down. In fact, the entire bottle didn’t take long to go down. It reminded me somewhat of a Newcastle.

After the final beer on the card, it was time to move to the hard cider. The last punch on the card was the Strongbow. This is the only can on the card and clocks in at 16.9 ounces and 5.0% alcohol. Very tasty but I had waited for nice weather to get this one as I think of it as a summer time drink.

Then it was time to get the shirt. Turns out that I was the first to get a shirt through this promotion. I had most of the staff tell me that as I was drinking the Big Sky. I took a photo of the fully punched card. As you can see it was getting difficult to carefully put in my wallet. Now I won’t need to. I’ll save you all from a photo of me in the shirt since Rheanna did a much better job modeling at the beginning of this series of blog entries.

Now as a reader of this blog, you have one thing left to do. Go and get your own shirt. The Square is located at 4736 Washington Square in downtown White Bear Lake, Minnesota. It’s just a block off of highway 61 and the patio is starting to open as our winter finally seems to be ending. I’ll see you there!

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  1. April 16, 2008 8:00 am

    Cool. Congrats!

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