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Circle the Square – Session 3 – March 27

March 29, 2008

How better to follow-up lunch at the Square, then to return for dinner? This turned into a 3-brew session thanks to Ef insisting that I needed dessert. The first beer was the Paulaner Hefe-Weizen. I am not a fan of beers that are served with fruit but I was able to avoid the lemon stuck to the glass. Since I was having Mexican for dinner (don’t miss the Mexican section of their menu – the food is great!), I had a Bohemia. Very light and tasty with my mole enchiladas. Then the bartender decided that I needed dessert, so he brought me a Duvel. It is a little sweet but read the label carefully. It is a 8.5% brew. I also found a drawback to taking these photos with my iPhone. As I was lining up the shot of the Duvel, one of the waitresses (Jamie) came by and picked up the bottle and said “Oooo, I love the shape of these bottles, don’t you?”

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