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Merry Christmas

December 24, 2007

Well the title for this blog entry was easy.

I have completed another semester in my quest to get a second Masters degree. I am also maintaining an A average. Ok, so some of them have a little horizontal line following them. I am now officially in the Masters program and get to plan on more classes for a couple of years. I even get an official advisor and plan to meet and put together a map to get from where I am now to the graduation.

The Christmas shopping is all done and the cards should have been in the mail. Technical difficulties prevented that. Hallmark Photo Cards have no traction in a printer. It is hard to tell the glossy side from the back and trying to print proved nearly impossible. I wasted 2 for every good one. Had to order HP Photo Cards and they won’t arrive until the end of the week. I guess I will be changing my design to include Happy New Year! The HP cards have a backing that almost feels like sandpaper in comparison to the Hallmark cards. I ordered enough of the HP cards to take care of next year too so I might even get the cards out before Christmas.

Today we get to start opening presents – first at our house, then at my in-laws. Then tomorrow we open our stockings at home and then at my parents. Lastly we open additional presents at my parents. This is all intermingled with food and drink. Most importantly though we reflect on the gift that God gave us at this holiday time. Our redemption in the form of the baby, Jesus.

Merry Christmas!

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